But let’s finish exploring here first. This crystallization place is not at the end of the cave, and there may be something hidden deeper.

Lin asked some assassins to stay here and watch the ancient squid "dance", while others continued to go deep, while the driller continued to explore the two brains. Lin saw it before, and there were probably many details that were not observed.
The assassins went deeper into the cave. This place was covered with gravel as before. There were many crystal clusters on the ground, but there were no echoes of eggs. Instead, there were many … wrecks.
These wrecks have been broken beyond recognition, but it can be known that they are some kind of arthropod crustaceans, and they have a considerable number, which will almost replace the gravel to cover the ground.
Lin asked the assassin to turn over these remains, and what Lin had seen in the salt cave on the mainland … fungal fossils appeared under their cover.
These fossils are exactly the same as there. There are many mushrooms and hyphae protruding from the ground. The debris is everywhere. Most of the mushrooms have lost their heads. Look at the traces on the handle. Lin thinks this should be the kind of mushroom that will explode. Their heads have all been blown off.
I see …
On the next journey, some large debris appeared, and the shape of these debris was not seriously damaged. You can see the original shape. This is a large arthropod, and Lin speculated that it may be some kind of division of labor.
Because there are quite a few here, and those broken pieces are all covered around them, and these large arms and carapace have been corroded, it is obvious that there was a war here.
Lynn almost guessed what was going on, but she had to finish exploring. It should be almost at the end of the underwater cave here.
The assassins found more and more debris, but it seems that there are two forms. The cave here has become more spacious. After a long walk, the assassins found a huge thing in front of them.
This is … the head of the plague?
Is there also a plague head here? The assassin scattered around and found that there was only this head around, which was bigger than before, but it didn’t seem to be anything special.
The assassins turned around and went on, but it was the end in front of them. The assassin’s light shone on a large rock wall and there was a big pool on the ground.
It seems that there is no other way out. After testing the rock wall at the end of the assassins for a while, Lin couldn’t find any hidden passage. Then Lin also looked at the pool, which is rich in debris and many small fish, as well as trilobites, starfish and mantis shrimp. The mantis shrimp is very small and ten centimeters long.
Why are there so many creatures here? Thinking that Lin let the assassin dive into the pool and found a cave with a diameter of more than one meter in the sediment at the bottom.
Lin let an assassin get into this cave, which is tortuous and complicated, and there are many sea creatures living in it. After walking for hundreds of seconds, the tortuous cave slowly became vertical, and finally the assassin reached a wide area-the ocean!
Looking at the surrounding marginal waters, it was as Lin thought. Just now, the cave directly led to the sea, and so many creatures got in.
However, the situation here seems to be unusual.
It should be in a deep position, and the surrounding light is dim, but Lin can still see clearly that there are many structures like stone pillars around the environment. These stone pillars are covered with all kinds of holes.
The assassin swam into the cave of the stone pillar and found that there were also many debris in it, which remained intact even in the sea, which was different from the broken debris he had seen before.
Lin has seen this kind of stone pillar before, which is obviously a nest built by these creatures. Now it should be almost possible to calculate what happened to them, but the calculation is very inaccurate. It would be better if we could know the details.
At this moment, Lin, the two brain drillers, found an interesting method.
Those sleeping areas in the brain are asleep because of a toxin. If Lynn removes this toxin, it may wake up some parts of the brain.
Before that, it must be made clear that the brain around them should be in a state of unconsciousness. Lin doesn’t want it to wake up completely. Lin found that one area has a structure similar to his biological memory area, and some different biological memory areas are in different positions, but most of them are scattered, but this brain has concentrated all the memory areas, and the hidden information seems to be very easy to read. Those hidden materials are much more obvious than ordinary creatures
If the brain reader reads this position, he should know a lot of things. Although Lin is not sure whether the brain reader can finish reading, this brain is definitely much more readable than ordinary creatures.
Just think about it. Lin asked the assassins outside to shoot a number of sticky eggs into the crystal. A large number of drillers emerged from these eggs. They drilled a large hole in the crystal and hatched a small brain reader with the last egg. It followed the group of drillers into the crystal and floated to the inner brain.
At this time, the ancient squid is still dancing, and the tiny army in the brain is still fighting, while the brain reader Lin will pierce the tiny tentacles in this brain, and the tentacles will continue to grow and connect with the memory area.
At this time, the micro-driller inside secretes a detoxification liquid to wake up this sleeping area.
These liquids must not leak to other places, and an area must be controlled …
With the detoxication liquid, this area slowly released from the deep sleep state, and the brain reader also received its memory information at the same time …
Chapter sixty-five Once remembered
This creature … is quite old for most of his creatures. It has a memory. At that time, it was still in the deep sea, watching all kinds of marine creatures swim in the water with its eyes.
This creature’s eyes seem to be older than its memory. When did you have them?
But this is an urgent matter for this creature. As long as it can remember, it is a’ brain’. This brain has no defense or attack ability, but it has its own army, a silk-like creature …
This silky creature can continuously grow and search for all kinds of debris food in the sea.
It lived at the bottom of the ocean. At that time, it was not a’ plague’ but more like a …’ cleaner’
A brain with intelligence controls huge silk threads, which are larger than the network covering the surrounding area of 100 kilometers, and no debris can escape from its network.
Maybe a brain is needed to control the growth of silk thread in order to control the range is too large? No, it’s not enough to explain why this simple structure organism can combine the’ brain’, the most complex organ of the current organism …
But this brain obviously doesn’t care about this. After it was born, it did a good job. It kept extending and growing the silk thread, covering more and more areas, and its own control became stronger and stronger.

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