"This … is really bulletproof!" Two people startled.

"Boss, did you really give us this armor?" Old three flushed with excitement. With it, he is a humanoid tank!
"Well, of course, but before that, I need your cooperation to test the performance of World War I!" Yun Nie smilingly said
"How … how to test?" Two people seem to perceive some wrong atmosphere.
"Ah …" The shrill scream rang through this sea area.
If someone has played in vain, they should be able to see that there are two tragedies now.
See the speed of the sea wolf, behind the tail, there are two mechanical men hanging in chains, and they are constantly skipping and rubbing against the sea.
"bang!" The two men smashed into the sea, splashing a splash like shells, and then bounced off the sea again with the help of the Sea Wolf, and then continued to move from the highest point "Ah …"
If it weren’t for the mechanical insect structure "brave heart" armor with strange buffering ability, I’m afraid they would have broken their bones at the moment!
Even so, they are dizzy and vomiting. It’s called a sparse inside.
Until now, they finally got the second item in the white backpack, which is not equipment but motion sickness medicine …
It’s a pity that the boss guessed the head but not the end!
Yun Nie sat in the master’s cabin and listened to the screams from time to time outside, shaking his head and sighing.
"Do you know the experimental model … you definitely need to keep testing, such as its impact resistance and cushioning performance …"
Warriors? The sages once told us that true warriors dare to face the bleak life and face the dripping blood …
This ….. is the true meaning of the brave heart!
Chapter 50 Professors of Civil and Military Affairs
At 12 o’clock in the middle of the night, the outside world still knows about the incident of the Aquarius cargo ship tonight.
A military helicopter is quietly parked on the tarmac on the top floor of Chushi Tuan Building.
And President ChuFeng’s office has also been guarded by several deputy armed soldiers, and even the security guards have been driven out.
"Miss chu dong raining captain leaves me to introduce a few this is the southeast military region Hu Junchang! My college classmate! " Professor Fang introduced to the two men
Hu Junchang is a typical soldier, a tough guy with a beard and a square face, which looks very decent.
"Chu dong! Laos said that your company can stabilize highly enriched uranium for a long time. Is this true? " Hu Junchang nodded and said hello to several women and then asked urgently.
There are several nuclear power plants in his jurisdiction, and the demand for uranium by the research institutes directly under the military region has always been a headache for the military. The country has allocated those resources only to maintain the status quo, and life is getting tight.
ChuShi mother and daughter glances ChuFeng mouth way "general hu indeed! The first batch of consignors also appraised him a long time ago, which should prove that we do have this channel. "
"I have identified the quality of the goods, which is absolutely beyond your imagination!" Laos clap breast guarantee
Hu Jun is naturally trustworthy for his professionalism.
"Can I ask the source of these goods? Kangaroo country? Or the official power of Maple Leaf Country? " Hu Jun’s long-term military personality is very straightforward
It must be a state-level military enterprise with great power to carry out uranium mining and high concentration, and there are only two or three countries in the world that can export nuclear resources in large quantities.
"I’m sorry, Mr. Hu Jun. We are also the spokesmen of the merchants. We have no knowledge of the specific source of the goods."
Hu Jun long but nodded, this kind of thing is naturally the less people know, the better.
"Then who are you and the merchant?"
"Well … we haven’t directly linked the goods merchants! They entrusted us to take over the deal through an agent, "ChuFeng hesitated.
"good! Then we took the deal in the Southeast Military Region! " Hu Jun grew up with a wave of his hand.
Originally, he didn’t expect to get anything from the other side. Since this level of power has found a small group of contemporary spokespersons in China, he just doesn’t want to put things on the table to benefit himself. What the hell is it?
"I don’t know the price?" Hu Junchang then frowned.
The military is also very nervous, but this thing is a heavy asset, and he is a little puzzled if he doesn’t come for a while.
"The cargo side said that they don’t want cash and need some goods to barter. This kilogram of highly enriched uranium costs 500 million soft sister coins and needs equivalent goods!"
"Oh what goods?" Hu Junchang silently calculated in his heart that this price is very reasonable! It’s definitely too low!
The average price of nuclear resources imported by the country from kangaroo country every year is twice this price, and it is also full of low-level mines
Even if these goods are not sold by themselves, the profits are amazing, and the sincerity of the other party is very good!
"Some high-tech military products are used even by the other side!"

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