"Note that we have entered the second minefield. Ordinary clothes don’t support here for long." Qin Qian woke up in front and he didn’t turn around.

Lin Qing’s head is covered with black lines … Can Uncle Shi wake up early?
She couldn’t be faster. She took out a new suit from her bag. The suit outside was a magic weapon for defense. The material was tough, but I don’t know how long the thunder could last, and it never rains but it pours. In an instant, her curly hair burned with it.
"Ah, Master Yin, your head is burning up!" Jujube was so anxious that she kept turning around. "What should I do?" Although there is less thunder here, everything is getting worse. It hurts. "
Imagine yourself now. Lin Qing has a lovely face. No wonder Qin Qian changed his clothes several times before he came back.
She quickly put out the fire, but unfortunately saved some of her long waist hair, which had been burned to her shoulders. She immediately picked up all her hair neatly and took out a small magic weapon of bluestone jade from the bag of Ali to cover her head like a straw hat.
At the same time, the red jujube said, "This thunder is good for you. You can’t help but come into my abdomen."
The May 4th Movement has laughed my head off and gloated. "Lin Qing, your hair is finally burning!" Then a thunder split the red hair on his head, and the red hair immediately caught fire. The May 4th Movement was like being stuck in a acupuncture point.
Lin Qing sobbed at the corner of her mouth, and at the same time she thought gloomily, if May 4th Movement and Jujube lose all their hair, there is still a place to hide. What should she do if she takes defensive clothes and ordinary clothes and burns them out?
Do you want to run naked?
Lin Qing looked up at Qin Qianlei diagonally ahead. It was fair that Qin Qian was also struck by lightning. His dress was obviously a defensive magic weapon, and his hair was tragic. It soon burned up, but Qin Qian had no hair to defend it. It burned out.
Huh? He should have been here a few days ago. Why didn’t his hair go bald when he came back?
As soon as this idea passed her, she reacted. Brother then can regenerate hair although he can regenerate his limbs.
And if her magic weapon for protecting her head is destroyed into a bald head, she will be the only one!
Card machine!
Brother Tsukiji is discriminated against. She should practice quickly and strive for an early conclusion!
Qin Qian met a similar situation a few days ago. As he walked forward, he turned his back on her and asked, "Lin Qing, are you … ok?"
"Nothing yet." Lin Qing stepped up to chase him. "How long will it take Qin Shishu to go in this minefield?" She has hundreds of clothes in her "clothing, food, shelter and transportation" bag. Can she carry it?
"I didn’t walk out of this area for an hour after your healing. The second or third time when I took advantage of the thunder, I flew to the place where I had arrived and continued to travel. It took a total of 24 hours to get out of this area. At that time, the thunder would be sparse and more powerful, but it would be more suitable. If we want to quench the best area," Qin Qian replied.
This time, it is not the first time that they have walked. The minefield in each area is very large. They are not sure which minefield is in the eye. He will walk again in this area. First, he will take Lin Qing. Second, he will carefully look for the eye.
Lin Qing walked and looked around to see if there was a similar eye.
Lightning strikes her bare skin and she keeps tempering.
At the same time, according to this thunder power and the firmness of several defensive clothes, she silently estimated the progress of "untiring clothes destruction" and finally concluded that it is a bit hanging to get dressed and walk out of this area!
And even if we walk out of this area, I don’t know how many minefields there are behind.
The thought that she might become a naked and unrestrained original person is not good for her.
Moreover, even if Qin Qian, May 4th Movement and Jujube are all rushed to the front, they are not allowed to turn back, but Qin Qian’s clothes will always run out. Is it possible that she will watch Qin Qian walk naked in the first area?
Oh, buy ga!
Lin Qing’s footsteps are getting bigger.
An hour later, Lin Qing’s first defensive dress was burned, and she got a new reward with heartache.
As time went by, her preventive clothes were destroyed one by one.
By the time half of the time, all her tough clothes had been killed, and her hair was temporarily saved because Qin Qian sponsored a few small magic weapons.
She took a deep breath and changed her usual clothes. She remembered another thing. She gave her Qin Qian, who had been fighting against evil and repairing, a defensive treasure. She wore clothes outside.
Qin Qian also changed several sets of defensive clothes, and almost Lin Qing wore a treasure armor. At the same time, she found that Qin Qian also took out a treasure armor to wear outside, and even she had the same model!
Evil repair has hidden a large and a small couple’s defensive treasure?
It’s amazing that Lin Qing has been messy in the wind.
She silently spit out a sentence, but now it is not about this time. After all, this treasure armor defense function lever.
Lin Qing changed her style frequently after Bao Jia was also chopped.
First, she took out the clothes in Ali’s bag and put them on one after another. Her own ordinary clothes were destroyed one after another, and when there were ten sets left, she even put on the skins to prevent them from escaping.
Finally Lin Qing some hold her a few steps ago to Qin Qian way "Qin Shishu why don’t we now advanced SPAR house to do something? I have ten suits left. "
All kinds of shining treasures in the bag of Ali in the previous area really contributed.
After listening to Lin Qing, Qin Qian took out a bag and handed it to her in a low voice. "This is for you."
Lin Qing took over rather suspiciously. Does Qin Qian still have defensive treasures? But she saw Qin Qian wearing a van before.
She took a look at the style of clothes and men’s clothes, mostly blue and white clothes …
"Are these all uncle Qin’s clothes?" Lin Qing asked, "Where did you give all your clothes to my uncle?"
Qin Qian said lightly, "I collected a lot of evil things along the way. I thought they still had a lot before I repaired the bag …"
Lin Qing thought it was also that she received a pear bag. Qin Qian received many male bags.
Said he wore evil clothes, and then she wore him?
How strange! But wearing Qin Qian’s clothes is better than wearing others.
People who are in a hurry to cultivate immortals are more Jianghu than Jianghu children, so she won’t "dislike"
She kept several sets of clothes for herself first, and soon changed Qin Qian’s clothes to move on in the thunder.
Qin Qian see you later. She’s wearing his clothes.
Because it is too big, it looks very loose. The sleeves of hands and feet are rolled up a few times, and the sword is cut short for several minutes. It looks very funny and a little embarrassed, but Qin Qian feels that there is a warm current flowing slowly in his heart.
Chapter 45 "Difficult" and "Difficult"
By the time the mine was suspended for the third time, they had almost passed through the second minefield, and at the same time, most of their clothes had been destroyed by the mine.
The storm surge in the boundary of the second and third minefields is becoming more and more gloomy.
Lin Qing looked up at heavenly heart and lamented a naively.
"Qin ShiShu from the third area lightning strike time if we act separately? It is also more efficient to find the eye in this way. "
Ray destroyed clothes too fast. Besides leaving ten sets of clothes in advance, Qin Qian left one set of clothes.
Yu Qinqian, although he still has many sets of men’s wear, it is not far from this speed to streaking.
Qin Qian also white this situation he nodded "all right"
In recent days, when lightning strikes, they are looking for the eyes while being tempered by lightning, and when the lightning stops, they meditate and practice together.
The aura here is especially rich, which is almost three times that of the outside world. Although they practice for one third every day, the efficiency is not lower than normal practice.
Lin Qing got up and drew a thin line. "Then we will generally go to the east section, and you will go to the west section. We will gradually enter the search for the eye. When the thunder stops, we will go back to the approximate center and share the information together. What do you think?"

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